Why do doctors kill themselves? A brief communication


  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto Faculdade de Medicina - Universidade Federal do Cariri - UFCA
  • Nádia Nara Rolim Lima Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE




Doctors, Suffering, Suicide


Background: Current evidence highlights that although it is a universal disease, depression
and mental and behavioral disorders affect different careers differently. In this clinical context,
studies consider that it is vitally important that we take action now to fully understand the
actual impact of suicide on physician workforce.
Objective: Here we show that the suicide rate among physicians has exploded in recent
decades. The suicide rate among male and female physicians is 1.41 and 2.27 times higher
than that of the general male and female population, respectively.
Results: Suicide in doctors can be affected by intense competition. Other contributors include
financial pressures, as well as the need to adjust to being “average” among their high achieving
cohorts. Moving frequently between hospitals and wards on placement can generate
anxiety too. There can be additional pressure to author publications and other CV-building
achievements from early on in medical school.
Conclusion: Despite the fact that 10-20% of them have suffered from depression, and suicide
rates are reported to be much higher than among other professional groups or the general
population, doctors have poor access to mental health care. The idea of giving up life
comes when worries, fatigue, and emotional pain pile up on a level that makes doctors feel
incapable of bearing that suffering.


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Rolim Neto ML, Lima NNR. Why do doctors kill themselves? A brief communication. am [Internet]. 22º de janeiro de 2022 [citado 17º de julho de 2024];1(4):155-9. Disponível em: https://www.jornalavancosmedicina.com/index.php/am/article/view/45




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